Five things about money I wish I could tell my younger self…


When I was fifteen I broke my ankle attempting to surf a cardboard box down the stairs. Some things you look back on and, in hindsight, realize you never should have had to learn the hard way.

Remembering the lapses in judgement of our former selves can leave us in a state of genuine shock and, more often than not, disappointment.  But the fact is that, while organic life experience teaches us the most obvious lessons about how to navigate the world, the majority of Americans, especially one’s from that generation known as “the M word” continue to demonstrate a surprisingly limited amount of knowledge about the most crucial component in the quality our or life experience.

That is, most of us don’t know shit about money. 

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Why you’ll never make enough money…


I think we can all agree the most miraculous usable feature of our smartphones is the built-in argument settler. I mean, can you imagine a world in which you can’t immediately prove to your buddy how stupid he is for thinking Miami is the capital of Florida, or that Michael Jordan is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer?

It would be chaos.

But while the ability to access an ever-expanding database of information at any moment from the palm of your hand is impressive, the mere existence of the world’s most frequently accessed directory on all things relevant is, in and of itself, downright crazy beans.

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Everyone You Know Has a Disease


I remember when I was diagnosed with Ebola.

It was a warm September morning…well, they were all warm during that stretch. The air outside clung tightly still to the moisture of the humid summer, not yet ready to give way to autumn’s crisp vacancy.

I remember the room turning as the doctor affirmed the suspicions raised by his adornment of full hazmat garb upon entering, as if the world behind the walls had sunk its teeth into the mortar and begun to spin off aimlessly into the ether. His voice fading into the distance as we spiraled towards the cosmos, weakening my grip on the cold steel rim of the bed.

I remember losing hold, the smack of my bones against the tile as I collapsed to the floor. I remember making all of this up and never having Ebola.

But if you roll back your newsfeed to 2014 you’ll recall that the general consensus was that, if we weren’t already infected, we were mere moments from succumbing to the strain. Surely this was the end of civilization as we know it.

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Opportunity is the most expensive commodity you can buy


There’s an old financial adage that lays out the groundwork for long-term prosperity by asking the subject to take every dollar he spends eating out and, instead, invest it. (If you skipped your morning Starbucks and put that money into a total market index fund, in thirty years you would have fifty-bajillion dollars!)

It’s a valid point to make about financial prudence, but often it’s met with arguments regarding quality of life versus monetary saturation. And the counterpoint about enjoying the money one earns in a reasonable and responsible fashion as to find a sense of daily fulfillment holds a certain validity as well. But it would be foolish to overlook the underlying theme of that analogy. That is, if you want to get to where you wish to go, you’ll be required to make sacrifices.

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The Easiest Business You Can Start in 2017

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of a new year fills your mind and soul alike with the promise of opportunity. A new chapter in the endless pursuit of growth and fulfillment presents itself, revitalizing the spirit and refueling the proverbial tanks. So what to do with all this unfettered optimism? Where do we begin to unleash the big juicy load that is our potential all over the blank canvas of 2017?

Well, what if I told you there was a business that you could start running today, right now in fact, that would bring you immediate fulfillment, instantaneous success and require zero startup capital?

What if every employee you hired performed their job at the highest possible level on their first day, and every growth strategy you implemented worked exactly as you had envisioned?

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